In July 2000, the first Hollister Brand shop in the town of Easton, Ohio, shopping center opened in the name of lazy California surfer style (Laid-back California Surf Lifestyle) concept, and fictional a shopper to make the brand more fascinated by the story – Hollister (Hollister Co.) by JM Hollister (JM Hollister) was founded in 1922, Mr. SoCal in such a place.

Hollister 2006 January international, have been expanded to Canada and the United Kingdom, and now, Hollister Worldwide has more than 500 stores. Hollister store decorated as a typical California beach house look, the staff are all young dudes and babes, exclusively, to wear flip slippers and casual wear Hollister.

Summer of 2007, Abercrombie & Fitch spend millions of dollars for the U.S. all Hollister  Shop on the lobby built quite visually stunning video wall, 24-hour video surveillance West Coast surf spots in California Huntington Beach, it is giving it the feeling of the West Bank! Although the Hollister clothing brand A & F with the main difference is not great, but with a different brand positioning and marketing communications, market segments to create successful and win a lot of 10 generations of young people.